Slide Fins are a new brand of technical surfboard fins that are designed to provide surfers with the ability to perform surfing maneuvers that they cannot complete with traditional fixed surfboard fins.

We aren’t just another fixed surfboard fin brand, we have invented a world first breakthrough design that will see a revolution that will change surfing forever, taking the sport into a whole new era. Our surfboard fin design* is certainly something that the industry has never seen. After many years of rigorous testing, research and development, Slide Fins are ready to hit the worldwide market full force.

This cutting edge technology will help intermediate surfers master maneuvers they thought they could never do and as for elite surfers the possibilities are endless. It is only a matter of time before we see many surfers performing 720’s and 1080’s achieved in one continuous sliding maneuver, with the help of Slide Fins.

Invented by Scott Peberdy of Outereef Surfboards Australia, this innovative concept has been in the making since 1998. This unique design from the surfer and surfboard shaper, is the result of his 20 years experience in the surfing industry coupled with extensive research and development. Scott is an absolute perfectionist and this is why he has taken his time to release this exciting concept.

Get yourself a set of Slide Fins and get them in the water for a ride like no other. Be the first to tell your mates about them and spread the word. We would love to hear your feedback and even send us your photos and videos.

We would like to thank you for your interest in Slide Fins, if you have any inquiries please contact us at:

Team Slide Fins

Scott Peberdy

‘The cutting edge technology will help intermediate surfers master maneuvers they never thought possible. And for elite surfers, the possibilities are endless.’

Scott Peberdy
Slide Fins Inventor


* Patent Pending – International Application Filed