What sort of board should I use Slide Fins in?

Slide Fins are designed to work best in small and medium waves (4 foot and under). You should try them in a surfboard that is more stable, with extra volume. A modern fish or rocket shaped board are ideal.

Can Slide Fins surf both directions (left and right breaking waves)?

Slide Fins are designed to work optimally in either left or right hand breaking waves. Our fins utilise a unique tensioned spring hinge system that's highly responsive to wave water pressure, folding flat in only one direction when pressure is applied and returning upright as pressure is released. They are purposely designed to only fold in one direction (on your top turns) so the fins provide strength and generate speed through your bottom turns and drive when traversing across the wave.

We recommend you choose your preferred wave direction when selecting your set of Slide Fins to buy, or alternatively buy two sets; one set for left breaking waves, one set for right breaking waves (buy more than one set to save 20% off additional sets purchased - max 4 sets). Typically, if you are a 'natural footer' you would start with a right hand wave set and vice versa if you are a 'goofy footer'. However, you should definitely consider the direction of your local surf breaks when making your choice.

What happens when I want to surf a beach break with shifting peaks?

If you are surfing a beach break with shifting peaks, then you should look for sections that are breaking in the direction that your board is setup to ride. Slide Fins are ideally suited for surfing a point break or a directional sand bank, as they generate swell that consistently break in one direction.

Can I do cutbacks with Slide Fins?

Slide Fins aren't designed to assist in performing aggressive cutbacks, rather the fins release on top turns to allow the surfer to perform other maneuvers. A slower controlled cutback can be performed by using more of the rail to bring you back to the pocket. Slide Fins are designed to perform more extreme maneuvers, so when surfing you should draw a new line on the wave, keeping close to the pocket and avoid getting too far out on the shoulder. If you do find yourself out there, you should pull off a slide, 360 or a rail cutback to allow the wave to catch up with you.

How do I increase my stability when using Slide Fins?

Maintain your weight over the middle of your board. Staying low to the board will also assist when pulling certain maneuvers. As you increase your experience with riding Slide Fins, your confidence grows.

Are Slide Fins suitable to use in big waves?

This is not generally recommended as the fins are likely to vibrate at higher speeds and not provide you with the stability you may require. They have been tested out in 6+ foot surf and they slide out off the top turn extremely easily. This may not be what you want if you are trying to get down the line to avoid a working. But prove us wrong, they could help elite surfers pull off surfing maneuvers not seen before, like a 360 in a big barrel.

Buying Slide Fins

Which is better for using Slide Fins, FCS or Futures Fins plug systems?

The choice between FCS and Futures compatible fins has no bearing on the performance of using Slide Fins. Select the matching plug system that you already have in your surfboard.