SLIDE FINS: FCS Compatible

Slide Fins: The World's First Flex-Fold™ Fins.

Superior fin flexibility to perform advanced surfing maneuvers. Slide Fins are uni-directional, folding and releasing under directional wave pressure. Engaged for traditional bottom turn power and drive across the wave, while folding flat for top turn freedom.

  • FCS fin box compatible

  • Thruster fin configuration (set includes three fins)

  • Set also includes Slide Fins allen key, Slide Fins sticker & Instructions

  • Free Delivery on all orders




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Slide Fins, the world's first Flex-Fold™ surfboard fin system. FCS compatible to fit your surfboard.

Experience a revolution in surfing maneuvers with superior flexibility to perform advanced moves that are difficult to achieve with fixed fins.

Slide Fins feature a unique Flex-Fold™ fin technology that folds and releases under directional wave pressure. They engage like fixed fins for traditional bottom turn power and drive across the wave, while folding flat for top turn freedom.

  • FCS fin box compatible
  • Thruster fin configuration (set includes three fins - left, middle, right)
  • Uni-directional flexibility. Fins fold in only one direction - either left or right; to provide 1) strength through the board when you need it; and 2) release to perform maneuvers.
  • Set also includes a Slide Fins allen key, Slide Fins sticker and instructions.

Surf freestyle and slide like a pro!


Mad fins!
Marco Rivera - San Sebastian, Spain (Reviwed on 9/19/14)
Great innovation, works best in my fish.
Thanks Slide Fins!
Grant Young – Gold Coast, Australia (Reviwed on 8/8/14)
I have been waiting for something like this to come out for years, they are exactly what I have been looking for and have added a heap of fun when surfing small waves!
So Stocked
Noah Taylor – Huntington Beach, CA (Reviwed on 7/31/14)
Great fins, awesome for experimenting with skate moves in the water.
Slide fins are EPIC!!!
Michel Flores – Biarritz, France (Reviwed on 7/26/14)
Pulled off so many tail slides in one session and even 360's.
Thank You Slide
Yuko Toshi – Chiba, Japan (Reviwed on 6/8/14)
Nice fins, good for 360, I can now do :)
Jonathan Hunt - Florida, USA (Reviwed on 5/9/14)
These Slide Fins bridge a gap I didn't know could exist. Coming from a competitive snowboard arena many years ago to surfing everyday, I am always on the lookout for that "skatey / slidey" feel.

From the first wave and successful slide, these fins brought me to smile ear to ear. It did take a few waves to find that sweet spot of release and re-engage, but now I can go full steam into turns with confidence.

This is the most innovative product to hit the surfboard fin / surfing industry that I have seen in at least a decade. I can't wait to order my left hand wave set.

Thanks for the innovation and quick shipping to the USA.

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