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Slide Fins, the world's first Flex-Fold™ surfboard fin system. Experience a revolution in surfing maneuvers with superior flexibility to perform advanced moves that are difficult to achieve with fixed fins.

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Slide Fins feature a unique Flex-Fold™ fin technology that folds and releases under directional wave pressure. They engage like fixed fins for traditional bottom turn power and drive across the wave, while folding flat for top turn freedom.

Specifically designed for any small wave board, such as a rocket or modern fish, Slide Fins are uniquely engineered to perform and accelerate best in small and medium waves.

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Slide Fins engage like fixed fins for traditional bottom turn power and drive across the wave. The fins only fold in one direction, thereby providing a strong tail to build speed.
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Upon approaching your top turns, the wave pressure shifts to the opposing flexible face of the fins, forcing them to release and fold flat.
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With the fins released and folded against the board, you are free to continue your slide maneuvers with low tail resistance. Surf freestyle and slide like a pro!
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Slide Fins are compatible with either Futures or FCS plug systems. They feature the same standard screw system attachment.

Slide Fins are uni-directional, available in models that are suitable for either left or right hand wave breaks.

Slide Fins are sold in thruster (3-fin) packs, with everything you need to quickly and easily attach the fins to your board. Slide Fins are available to buy online at our surf store or enquire at your local surf shop.

FCS Compatible - Left Hand Waves
Slide Fins Packaging
Sam Fullarton - Surfing on Slide Fins

‘Still to this day, one of the best and most exciting surfs I have ever had was the first time I tried out Slide Fins.

From the moment I put them into my board, my surfing progressed instantly!’

Sam Fullarton
Team Slide Fins Surfer


Slide Fins utilise a unique tensioned spring hinge system that's highly responsive to wave water pressure, folding flat in only one direction when pressure is applied and returning upright as pressure is released.

To complete a slide maneuver, simply apply pressure to your board. This enables the fins to re-engage so you can continue cutting across the wave. Remain close to the pocket of the wave to avoid the need to cut back as the wave flattens.

The tensioned spring system in Slide Fins also allows you to pump along the wave. This increases speed and creates a wind-up effect, allowing you to connect turns and perform consecutive slides. As momentum is maximised, each slide becomes more extreme.

Slide Fins are extremely durable and designed to last many years. They feature high quality marine grade springs and utilise the strongest injection moulding materials available.

Developed by Scott Peberdy of Outereef Surfboards Australia, Slide Fins' innovative surfboard fin technology allows you to take your surfing to a new level. Slide Fins are an ideal training device, helping surfers advance to difficult maneuvers when they transition to fixed fins. Push your board to the limit and challenge yourself with reverse barrels, 360s in the barrel or even a 1080. With Slide Fins, the possibilities are endless.

Enjoy experimenting with your Slide Fins and feel free to send us your feedback, images and videos.